Drawing Board Reading: The Party

Thank you to The Drawing Board and all involved with the reading on July 21, 2014! And a special big thanks to Misha Calvert, the playwright of the short British farce: "The Party!" I had so much fun reading the role of Evie! The whole cast did an awesome job - I think we pulled off the British humor well for a bunch of Americans!

The play is still in development but as it stands, the plot of "The Party" is simple: drugs, sex, and confused young adults. It has every archetype you see at a party with a pretty dark twist.  My character, Evie, is the girl at the party who doesn't want to be there, gets sick, and then leaves her boyfriend behind while he hits on other women. It's dark, funny, and quick. It was a pleasure to be a part of the ride. I'm very excited to see where this goes in the future!