Heather Boddy is going LLC!

Starting a business is hard and it isn’t easy for me to ask for help, especially financially, and especially in this current political climate. However, I have some big plans and I am going to need YOUR help in launching my business. Here are the deets:

If you know me, you know that one of my greatest passions is helping people. I spend a lot of my precious time and energy making sure that others are feeling good about themselves. I have a podcast where I discuss body image, race, and diversity in the media. When I first started this journey, one of my goals was to change how bodies are viewed in the dramatic arts (tv, film, theater)  and now that I am a fitness professional, that goal has been extended to the fitness industry. It starts with how people feel about themselves. The diet industry thrives off of people feeling insecure, not enough, and ALONE. And my goal is to change that. Because what if people used the diet industry to take care of themselves because THEY TRULY WANTED TO? Because it makes them feel good? Because they are proud of putting hard work in? Because they are celebrating their bodies instead of punishing them?

I am in development of a self-love/self-development course that focuses on teaching individuals that they are ENOUGH as they are, to start with their goals from a place of love and acceptance of where they are now in order to get where they want to be. Inspired by my podcast, Love Your Bodd, and the fact that I release that content weekly, for free, I am looking for a way to use my ability to relate to others and help them feel better about themselves, as a personal motivator & cheerleader, but also guide.  

That’s what I am currently working on. But I need your help first.


Here is what your donation goes towards:

  • Funds to turn my NAME Heather Boddy into an official LLC business. Under that umbrella will be my body positivity sources mentioned above (Love Your Bodd), plus a new workout program I have in development, as well as any ideas I come up with while working on my goal to shift the industries.

  • Online business classes to guide me through launching this business. My step by step guide on launching a premium course.

  • The tools I need to launch this course. A domain, the hosting site for all of my content, email list services, etc.

  • Better recording equipment, microphones,  mixers, etc.

  • Marketing and promo materials

  • Continuing education in the fitness, health, and body image industries so that I can learn as much as possible about my new field of work and educate MYSELF on the things I am preaching / teaching every day.

ANYTHING you can give helps. Thank you so much for supporting my journey 💖